New Years Eve Limousine
New Years Eve Limo - Los Angeles
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2019 New Years Eve Limo

A Great Way to Ring in the New Year

There are few ways to ring in the New Year that can rival celebrating using a limousine, SUV, sedan or sprinter van to get you and your guests to and from the festivities. Our service is the perfect way to celebrate in Los Angeles, one of the hottest places to be to greet 2019.

Anyone who has never taken advantage of the options that await with one of these services will want to make this New Years Eve their first occasion.

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Johnny Brenner / Article / Managing Partner Hollywood Town Car and Limousine

2019 New Years Eve Limo, Sedan, SUV or Sprinter Van


Here are a few things to keep in mind about our services:
  • We have a 5-hour minimum for all of our clients on this night
  • The car is “yours” for the night, so no worries about your driver having to leave
  • There are major advantages over trying to “uber” that include avoiding surge pricing
  • Drinking and driving are dangerous, making us a safer alternative for all your needs
  • You’ve got Us for at least Five Hours
One thing that is important to keep in mind when you rent a limousine is that we have a five-hour minimum for all our passengers. Even though it might seem like having the car for five hours is a lot, you get a lot in return for having the car. Another advantage that is likely to appeal to most passengers is the fact that nobody needs to worry about having money on them for cabs, which are likely to be unavailable.
New Years Eve Limousine
The cost of a limo, town car or SUV is less than the cost of having to depend on a taxi that might have to drive from quite a distance away and take up more of your time. When a group of family members or friends decide to take a vehicle together on New Years Eve, they will have plenty of time to relax in between stops at different events. The cars and other vehicles used are designed with extended booking times in mind. Nobody in the party will feel rushed, and the vehicles in use offer the necessary comfort regardless of whether the rides are short or more drawn out. Yours, All Yours – At Least for the Night An advantage of using a limousine or other chauffeured vehicle is that the car is “yours” for the night, and the driver will not have to leave to pick up other parties. Our drivers are total professionals who handle these types of trips all the time and will make sure anyone they are charged with transporting enjoys a safe, pleasant trip. There is no guesswork about trying to work out carpool arrangements or waiting for an available taxi or rideshares such as Uber or Lyft. We know that many people prefer a town car or SUV option over both rideshares and taxis because the vehicle is theirs for the time it’s booked. There is nothing more frustrating for many people than not having their ride available when they require it the most, especially at peak transit times. Booking the car for exclusive use on the New Year solves this problem by ensuring everyone has the ride they need, and that it arrives on time. The Advantage Over Uber or Lyft Catching a ride on New Years Eve is often difficult in a larger city with as active nightlife as Los Angeles, especially with the number of venues hosting events. Even though rideshare services have caught on in the area, there are a few disadvantages that make town car or SUV and similar options preferable. One of the most notable drawbacks is surge pricing, which raises the fares for rideshare vehicles by high amounts that are often unaffordable. When booking a vehicle for festivities, our customers will have the advantage of clean, safe, well-maintained vehicles, offering maximum convenience. Unlike rideshares, however, there is no uncertainty about when or if a car will be available. Also, because the car is booked in advance, there are no concerns about cash on hand or having a good wireless signal. Don’t Drink and Drive As everyone already knows, drinking and driving are unsafe. Many accidents that happen on this holiday happen because of people driving under the influence. A night out ringing in the New Year should be a happy time, not one that’s marred by an accident. Some of the advantages of using a limo include:
  • Passengers being free to enjoy their favorite drinks
  • Wi-Fi on board and other features for a comfortable ride
  • Drivers who handle everything with discretion
  • Car services allow people to enjoy champagne or their favorite cocktail at a party celebrating the New Year, without worrying about getting home afterward.
Responsible people are usually concerned about the possible consequences of driving under the influence. Using one of these vehicles for hire makes the whole New Year’s experience stress-free because you don’t need to worry about getting back out on the road. Offering Wi-Fi on the cars makes it easy for passengers to stay in touch while they are coming and going from the evening’s activities. Updates on social media and check-ins can give family and friends full confidence that their loved one is safe. Another advantage this offers, too, is making sure everyone in the group is accounted for during the trip. Because our drivers are discrete, they can pick everyone up and drop them off without disturbing neighbors who may have gone to bed early. They can also use whatever discretion is necessary for people attending events at different venues where alcohol is served. Nobody wants a night out having fun to end in an embarrassing situation, so we work hard to make sure we are always discrete with our clients’ needs. Anyone who takes advantage of the unique features a limousine offers when they go out on the New Year will appreciate making this choice. Traveling in safety and comfort will help make everyone’s festivities even happier. Everyone will enjoy arriving at all their festivities safely and right on time to enjoy it all.