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Want an LAX Ground Transportation Permit?

Most people who have flown into the city of Los Angeles know how busy it is. This is certainly one of the world’s most utilized airports. 

In 2018, from the months of January to August there were 59M passengers arriving to and departing from this airport. 

Although this is an airport that focuses on quality travel for its passengers, it is also the place where airport business is conducted. 

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Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

LAX Landside

One of the options that are available for those businesses providing transportation at the airport is the Ground Transportation Program. This program makes it possible for TCP or the Transportation Charter Party participants to get permits. It is necessary to have this status to pick-up passengers for transport at Los Angeles international airport. The Department of Airports is responsible for issuing licenses and decals.

Landside is the governing body for all transportation at LAX. If you want to pickup or drop off at LAX they are the people to deal with.

Once you have a TCP number from the state of California and a business license from the city of Los Angeles, you can apply for licensing to do pickups at LAX.

Ground Transportation Permit Program licenses over 3,000 private ground transportation companies at LAX, including scheduled buses, charter buses / vans / limousines, and courtesy vehicle operators. – LAX Operation

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Other Services at LAX Landside Operations

Many travelers of the airport will be using some form of courtesy transportation to their destinations in the city. These services are often offered by local hotels and motels. It is important for these participants to have a relevant permit for the services that they offer. They are provided with off-airport parking facilities. There are approximately 50 different companies authorized for courtesy services.

Utilizing Food and Service Truck Operations

It’s no secret that the culinary side to any airport is big business. Every terminal is home to fast-food establishments and fine dining restaurants. It is important for these locations to get food supplies and resources in order to conduct business. Those utilizing the airport for this business must have a Non-Exclusive Revocable Food-Catering Permit. Vehicles should also have the appropriate decals on them.

Airlines for passenger travel and package logistics are not the only ones conducting transportation services at the airport. Ground transportation to venues, attractions, office buildings, and hotels are important and necessary. They help to prevent traffic and congestion at the airport and surrounding areas. Having access to a variety of different transportation options provides passengers with efficiency.

The various other types of operations at the airport, such as food preparation and service are essential, as well. Vendors, merchandisers, and supply companies all need access to the airport so that they are able to service their customers. Having designated locations for these activities and an organized process is important. LAX Landside Operations monitors this activity and makes certain that it is done properly.